If we had a Sony Vita, when I was a kid. When I was little, my father monopolized our Sega Genesis. In fact, the only way to look at either a) to play against, after which their generally competitive nature get the better of him, and he will destroy without mercy, or b) in front of him and play well in the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, I have more than a few hours’ early support grow. Purchase the machine called “children”, he changed his mind when he discovered the pleasures of addiction first Sega classics like Sonic 2, Street Fighter and Golden Axe. In fact, the situation so bad that finally burst in at least two occasions, my father in the living room, looked angry with me and my brother is in the game and demanded that clean our room was what we have been assured, in a state of disorder and anarchy filthy dirty. When consciously (and fear) rushed up the stairs to correct this glaring omission, only about three toys on the floor (which for the record, I do not sit there!) Found in the head of the family in three levels the “Streets of Rage” to find. Both drop the dime, and as our protests were not heard, we knew he had. To my father War PlayStation extended beyond games and into the battlefield in real life.

Sony Vita’s Games

It’s an addiction that never went away, now my father is still stuck too much time for the PS3, Creed series Madden NFL Murderer sooner or absorbed.

Anyway, I was right. The constant domain of our computer games has led me to ask for a Nintendo Game Boy for my birthday, I thought I would provide all the excitement and fun of Mega Drive without pulling guards Rang Do. The machine in question arrived bright red, I asked (my hard-up parents had spared no expense or effort, by the unconscious guilt motivated by my father) and my mother gave me a good case (with cartridge slots gambling) machine. The enthusiasm of the new console again, I was disappointed by the small black drawings, of which the “Mortal Kombat” and the characters “murderer instinct”. It will be several years before my Pokémon Game Boy restored to the image of forgotten best friend in the world. I know what you’re thinking, “how old are you? Well, to say the least, is a picture in my attic, all is not as nice as the years go by …

Tomorrow children will not suffer the same fate as portable game consoles today simply stunning. The Sony Vita, picking, where the left PSP praise such a device. With a range of high quality games, as long as your arm (assuming you are a parent of Reed Richards), the Sony Vita Game Boy has taken the concept to its absolute climax of the 21st century. The Sony Vita, you can check email, Facebook, and even chat with your friends through Skype. How’s that for a bonus?

The Sony Vita is beautifully decorated, derived from the Latin word meaning “life”, which is possibly one of the few in Vita Sony consoles equipped to carry through. Carefully constructed backpacks, handbags, luggage and handbags, the Sony Vita game console excellent quality in a portable package, a genre that my childhood imagination might have mentioned.