Everyone in their twenties grew up with Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Still I have my SNES and one of my friends still play their Battletoads on NES. Nintendo is the company that has dominated the video game industry in the 90s and could do better presented Sega. The SNES had some classic games that are still played and celebrated as masterpieces. Earthbound, Final Fantasy II and III, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire I and II and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (as you can see, but some I call my RPG). Nintendo SNES was very happy in the world of video games as a kid there was nothing better than coming home from elementary school, to go with my father to Blockbuster and play just a few games into the early hours of the morning a time. I was loyal to Nintendo and is waiting for its next console.

Enter Nintendo 64, everyone had high hopes for him: he was a 64-bit processor, has more color than the Playstation, and the use of time not to load cartridges. It sounded like the best system in time and games like Zelda: Ocarina of Time accompanies the launch were the players feel good about their longevity. I had an N64 and one thing that was clearly visible, was the lack of RPG. He was jealous of my friends Playstation owners enjoy their copies of Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Trigger, I was like a child with an ear Midget 64th Missions The quality of the games has declined dramatically since the SNES to the N64, and soon lost faith in Nintendo.

Since Nintendo has sharply when it came to be engaging and complex games, would save my money and not buy the next Nintendo console, Dolphin, (coughs) Sorry, the GameCube was a section of the Sears unit. While I was happy with my PS2, the only games I wanted to play Zelda on GameCube. Although we’ve never had a GameCube, held on all consoles so far and it was always a GameCube lacked quality Xbox and PS2 had, it’s hard to explain, but it seemed that GameCube games have been created only in retrospective, or to monitor the success of another game on another console. Games like Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles bearing the names of famous franchise, but has done little to increase the depth of play and character development.

When the Wii came out, I was tired of giving Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. The graphics are not comparable with Dreamcast and motion detection functions, as they prepared could be marketed to a consumer. Games and games are not pack the punch that makes SNES. Why insist on the back of Nintendo people did was what it is today? I do not even consider the Wii console with games like Cooking Mama and Wii Fit, has a unique niche, providing the elderly and explorers created. But there is nothing that I have removed the base rotate drastic demographic Nintendo can do to meet the console except that, while people are “Wiitis” tunnel-shaped tunnels, I’m playing a masterpiece like Metal Gear Solid 4 or The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.


Nintendo Wii Game Console Review


Nintendo Wii is surprisingly easy to use compared to more complex systems, the PlayStation and Xbox. The controls are very interesting as a TV remote control, a radical change in the direction of conventional tablets and sticks. The Wii interface is presented easier to follow than their counterparts in the market, making it more popular.

The console application is easy and fast. You can connect to the TV using the composite AV cable that comes with the system. However, the disadvantage is that the cable does not support the resolution of 480p or higher. Now when you connect to an HDTV, of course, looking for a high-definition gaming. It is better to buy a separate cable Wii component market to see higher resolution.

Nintendo Wii Game

With dimensions of 1.75×6.25×8.5 if placed horizontally, the console is smaller than expected and does not take up much space. This allows you to move around the house at will. Place them in addition to your office or just the TV. White is the only color, which is available on the market. However, considering the trend of more colors are likely to come to market in the future.

512 MB of internal memory has been added to the console itself. However, if you think this is not enough, you can expand the SD card slot. The SD card option is much cheaper than the memory cards from the owners of other systems provided.

You can use Wii Channels Wii. The default channels include pictures, news and weather news. Virtual Console titles and GameCube and Wii games are on the home page, which is the default gateway for the console. Motion detection is probably the best Nintendo Wii and is used in all Wii games. These and many other features of the Nintendo Wii entertainment system complete make.