Times have changed and people (and here I mean the kids, especially) ideas about the way they spend their leisure time. Very different from those of their parents or grandparents’ games have always been the most important to have fun, alone or with friends, at present, but the Internet has begun, as the leader in entertainment are perceived. So now discovered hybrid types of childhood pastimes: free online games! The girls have their niche: girls’ games online are becoming very popular because they meet two of the most important needs: to have fun and discovery (e-learning)! Now let’s address the main types to categorize girl games online!

From an early age, girls begin to everything related to fashion and beauty will be attracted. Instead of his mother, the makeup and costumes and try to copy the attitude of adult women and style, now dress up games online. Take for example the way the second April dress up game for girls’ super fun and informative! Simulates a shopping spree with her best friend and the girl, cute clothes and accessories, implements the decisions of the girl, fashion preferences, it really appropriate for their age and what is the style of the moment, of course.

The great advantage of these online games have focused particularly girls, is to have many of these situations are closely related to the real world, in all situations of daily life teenage daughter to go on a date, preparing for school, a walk in the park with their dogs, etc. You will find the most recent actions of the girl’s dress up game to park. The young player has to know what the suits go for this kind of context, provided the combinations and accessories of all kinds of tricks and fashion tips.


As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, at that age, 13/14, the girls are really fascinated by adults and have to copy this trend. Now, try to be the best cooks than their mothers to be, here is a new alternative: cooking games online! If I had to choose one of the main representatives of this category, I would say that the ice maker of the most fun and informative at the same time! The girls have to learn all about the mix of ingredients, choosing the right proportions, and here’s the fun part, because of the layout, game design and research and beautiful player limited by time coming time to have fun after all!

Girls Games Online

Well, I bet every girl in the world has at least once in his life he dreamed of her perfect weeding! That’s why some of the most popular online games are the games of the wedding, the bride beautiful game is by far the most famous of the girls! The model is beautiful and very elegant, refined are easy to identify with this beautiful bride and wedding dresses as varied and wonderful it is impossible to get tired of it. This is a super fun game, especially loved by girls as they can make their fantasies about marriage in the context of life, when they play together and begin configuring this big wedding outfits!

I tried to convince all the skeptics that the Internet can be “big brother after all, when used wisely and in particular online games for girls can be a lot of girls to help develop children’s personal?