Born in 1982, I have never been an avid player of PONG and sent navigate these dangerous. Mario Koopas search for fun princess before with my old Atari cousin. Arrest fascination with my old Nintendo had, I am sure many of you know well.

Gamer EvolutionIn retrospect, I think I had more than the miracles of technology involved – and a voracious reader as a period of eight years was my loving embrace visual immersion seemed predisposed directly to another world. The challenge for the leadership of the movement on the screen of the characters of the players were greeted with joy, accompanied by lots of fights with my younger brother. (Remember those old games where the player-1 had the privilege to “break” one? Want to try to break in the other during a jump over a pit to take another life! Was discovered only after the player whose train has been pressed only by the jump-to-break stop at a successful jump led …)

I remember the first time I have “Super Nintendo” is -. I honestly thought my classmate up stories Nintendo How can we improve? It was perfect! My initial skepticism is something I keep to myself for a long time, and kissed me on Super Mario World with more power than the revolutionary Super Mario Bros. 3 – to which I had become a kind of masterpiece.

I have not only combines a SNES until released shortly after the PlayStation of Sony, but my desire for a lifelong love of the game with my stay behind the times, and returned with fervor and beat Yoshi M. Bison Street Fighter II with all the characters in the series. My domain Crash Bandicoot arrived many hours I spent in the living room of my dearest friends that. The time and the presence

Gamer EvolutionI own an Xbox not only sometime after the Xbox 360 was out – but did not care. I played Grand Theft Auto II (if the original pre-PC not much to say …) and Command & Conquer: Red Alert on my PlayStation I quite long, while other studies of Call of Duty 2 was given with titles like Doom 3 (I long for a PC based DOOM worshipers and a force to be reckoned on a telephone line multi-link …) 2 and Halo Gun

He could remember the difficulty of Nintendo 64 and analog controller is in many tournaments in the basement presents GoldenEye — K, especially as skilled with the simple D-pad feature classic Nintendo controller as if 360 is an analog of the degrees were – but it took hours and hours without power, I found my new Xbox controls so dominated intermittent episodes of PlayStation games at home —— Analog B ever.

Many may say that thousands of hours spent playing video games in the past decades (seriously – Players age 20 have an average of one hour per day during the past year an average of over 7000 hours with video games during this period of 20 years. For some of us, the real figures are much higher …) wasted hours, but what they mean hours, go to socialize with friends and family, share experiences and common interests and memories of the times passed through? These are the time to enjoy playing live, alone or with friends (and for most players, a very healthy mix of both) is not comparable with other social activities?

These days I have little game – I stumbled upon this practice. But if my dear old friend B ——, who often found dominating n00bs and semi-pro players COD multiplayer on the PS3 as well visit, gives control to me almost as much as we never stop pipeline to share these opportunities – and watch me flail and fumble and gradually catch something of the grace of my past, sometimes even contests the good old days “win-claims” Street Fighter and races back-to Gran Turismo -the-day.