The Elderscrolls III Morrowind – Tips, Tricks, SecretsMorrowind is the hardest game I’ve played, and if not for these helpful tips and tricks that I discovered that I have never survived my first encounter crab. Without these tips, you will die and repeatedly punches d’habitation dungeons themselves. I have listed from most to least important.

Be quick. There are some ways to be the fastest person in Morrowind. I recommend hanging up his boots quickly. Boots are mystical, increase the speed to 200 points and 100 points for the blind. Can Gash in the West, are mostly found along the highway in southwest Fort Silenus Legion. Believe me, you need these boots (Argonians and Khajiit Council can’t wear boots sorry). Against blindness to resist with a potion or a spell. It is not necessary to create a 100% resistance to magic spells. It is much easier for lower level characters to cast spells resist as 50% and 50% resist. This speed will move the Morrowind world much easier, and you will be able to escape from almost any enemy.

Second Decide what you want from the beginning. Character creation is the hardest part of the game from the start, you must decide if you hack and slash, sneak and kill or steal and rain fire down on their enemies want. I recommend you to check all kinds of characters before the election. I have at least seven characters before deciding to stay with him. My favorite is an Elf archer with extra flavor. Discretion is a great thing, to level up, as this may damage 2x, touching an opponent in taste do, very simple, with an arrow right.

Third Save often and in many files. Morrowind is the definition of a sandbox game. The proverbial cutting loose and going to kill someone. It is a freedom, but do not want to accidentally discover a city and kill you. Two weeks after that you do not complete a mission, and we’re talking about the man’s death at the hands Use a variety of files and save before making important decisions.

Fourth Fly as far as possible. Life is hard sometimes and potions are not cheap. As your sneak indicator says you’re invisible, you can fly without consequences. It should be a very important thing when flying, do not try to sell it to the store you just fly. He knows his products and inform the authorities. This does not mean you can’t go on the road and sell your business to others.

The Elderscrolls III Morrowind – Tips, Tricks, Secrets

Learn to fly Fifth. There are many ways to fly in the world of Morrowind. I think the easiest way is to do a levitation spell. Initially, you can roll again. The steering wheel, you can skip the mountains and obstacles that might violate the hell out of you. Just be prepared to fight off a cliff broker every 45 seconds.

Sixth Speaking of crabs. Is a crab east of the city of Vive-c, and speaks of goods sold? This crab is very special as it is up to 5,000 gold every day. This gold can be exchanged for items to find and collect.

Seventh not steal another. The entire game can be used as a storage device. If you drop something somewhere, stay there for the whole game. Use this to your advantage.

I hope these suggestions and tips and tricks. A site that I found very useful when I played Morrowind check it out, it does. Much useful information