Play Video Games

The fight goes to the “games are good,” “The games are bad” war plays in a recent article in Discover magazine, the growing body of research suggests that the analyzed video games to train the mind similar to physical exercise activity the body.

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery or plaster surgery involves manipulation of the controls or joysticks, a fiber optic camera and surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery to control with only small incisions in the body of the person. Laparoscopic surgery has been around for many years, but doctors have only recently begun to establish a correlation between the agitation of the best surgeons and video game players notice.

Surgeon Butch Rosser, directory of minimally invasive surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, read the reports of a journalist in one of its methods, which to him as a “Nintendo surgeon.” It began in thought, perhaps, that his gift is evident in many of his colleagues, because he was a player.

Rosser set to see if there is a correlation with the help of a standard laparoscopic training exercise called “Top Gun” to test laparoscopic surgeons who had never played a video game and the players. “The results were truly amazing,” he said. “Especially if you played the game in the past said they were much faster, and more importantly, created fewer errors than Don ‘still do not play video experience, then, when, if you were a player actual video looked, we found that if you play video games, now more than 30 percent were better – faster, and has created fewer errors -. Someone who does not play video games at all”

Alan Castel, a professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, another study where people of different groups are given a series of standard tests in visual search for a particular object within a group of other objects on a computer screen. “The video game players had the lowest reaction time of 100 milliseconds, which may not seem like much, but this area is a fairly strong,” said Castillo. “And you can imagine driving a car, a difference of 100 milliseconds may actually help prevent accidents.”

Research has shown that the player uses the same pattern as non-players “, but gamers were faster and more effective in carrying out this investigation,” said Castillo.

“Previous studies have shown that gamers are more capable of attention, and can act as an investigation in an efficient manner,” said Castillo. “Our research focuses on examining whether the differences are interested in how video game players and video games did not investigate the visual environment, and to perform visual search. Wanted to know if video game players a visual search in a different way of dealing with people who do not play video games would.”

Castel suggests that video games not only good “practice” for many tasks related to mental activities such as military flight training and surgery, but can also be a good tool for the rehabilitation of people who are recovering from brain injuries.

Improving the mental game is obvious. However, Rosser emphasized that surgeons perform better with only three hours a week playing video. Rosser continued by the children, “That would not Butch Rosser, here in this capacity, he played video games and get good grades, do not develop resistance. And I have to say this guy here who think they have a Pass play video games to the carte blanche, I say “No, wrong.”

Try the current political discourse, “air time”, the ban on video games get, the rules relating to entertainment media such as books or movies to be imposed, and “cons” of video games is the work of organizations like game developers the International Association advocates a balanced and fair play, more than ever. Research has shown the positive effects of video games and has shown mixed results in adverse effects.

These positions are consistent with the video game industry should take a look only to studies in the field before attempting to impose unreasonable demands on industry to take. However, all games are appropriate for all ages. Parents should know what their children play. The ratings of the ESRB industries are an excellent first step in this, as Internet portals.

For children, doing homework, but please, play your video games. You can be the operator of me one day…