Billed as the first comic to life. Accolade Comics focuses on the exploits of Steve Keene Private Spy. Climbers, swimmers, robots, building, jet pack, transport systems, rail car and Bombardier – and indeed is a simple multiple choice adventure of eight scattered as simple arcade games that appear from time to time during the game. Arcade sequences can play in practice mode, or the game as a whole.

Accolade’s Comics 1987 Game ReviewAccolade American software company is a newcomer to the scene comparative software in the UK, but in about 18 months, sit with a number of quality pitches, including Hardball, Psi-5 trade, the Law of the West, and Most recently, he killed the detective awesome game to death. Accolade Comics licensed by Distinctive

Software, and although BD is for the Commodore 64 and Apple II, U.S. Gold does not intend to import the Apple II version of the UK.

Approaching the adventures of Steve Keene High fixed in one of many cases. Individual images drawn on the screen, one by one, and the player has simple options occasionally with joystick or keyboard to do. Sometimes, a bubble will appear with several choices on Steve and the joystick must be enabled to use before the story will continue to unfold. From time to time subject selected another character must be chosen course of action. All decisions will affect the flow and, finally, the result history.


The level of interaction is fairly minimal – while entertaining stories and fun to read (for the first time, at least), but it would have been nice had the opportunity to become more involved in the events. To load the contents of the final frame and often change their facial expressions, touch waves arms, feet, etc., but if the shutter button is pressed, the following loading gel image and animation.
Steve has five lives. He lost, if you make a serious mistake when it affects the story or, more traditionally, the hero loses a life every time a foul on arcade sequences.

Accolade Comics product is beautifully packaged and presented, and an excellent introduction to sequence animations excellent credit. Buttons such as page flipping and variety of methods are used to create a new framework, as cargo handled, help add variety. There are plenty of efficiency in comic style to plow the story, that’s why. This is a three-disc package, with both sides of each slice

Although an original concept and creative, it is not just game enough to justify the exorbitant price – understandable, given the nature of the packaging and the limited scope for sale in the UK cassette is oriented. I spent too much time waiting and not enough action or thinking involved in maintaining the attention of the season. Buy smugly justified if you can afford it, offer something unusual.
My score for this game is 2.5 out of 5. This is a good game to play and enjoy classic.